"I recently had a broken tooth removed and was treated with such care. I called at 11 AM and was seen at 2:30 that same day. Dr. Ahmad  and his staff are so attentive. I recommend this Dentist highly."

Marie T. 5_star_baystone.png


"I am always very, very happy with the service I receive at New Smile Dental!  And this visit was no different.  I had my regular cleaning and checkup done just the other day and my experience was excellent!  Thank you, New Smile Dental!!  See you next check up!!"

Kyle G. 5_star_baystone.png


"I've been doing to New Smile for about two years. Always a great experience. "

Anonymous 5_star_baystone.png


"Went in for my 6-month cleaning and was pleased at the friendly and professional staff. Thank you!"

Anonymous 5_star_baystone.png


"Like many, I’m not fond of going to the dentist. Perhaps because I like to talk. Dr. Ahmad is wonderful. He’s gentle, he explains as he goes and is very consciencious of my feelings. He staff is pleasant and helpful with insurance. You can’t ask for more!"

Maria S. 5_star_baystone.png


"Our family is very happy with New Smile, they are all professionals, excellent results, flexible hours and in a few occasions, the Doctor walked the extra mile to accomplish my daughter's dentistry needs. Really appreciated. "

Adilane D. 5_star_baystone.png


"Very nice and clean good employee and knowledgeable drs "

Afzal R. 5_star_baystone.png


"Very nice staff dr s r very knowledgeable"

Saira U. 5_star_baystone.png



Vincent T. 5_star_baystone.png



Sophie T. 5_star_baystone.png


"Maybe your pediatrician will not know this detail. But children get somewhat overwhelmed in a busy, big dentist with a lot of people, where the schedule is tight and there is only so much that can be done to wait for your child to adjust. Conversely, New smile dental is the best place for children because they will be so patient and helpful and meet your child where he or she is, that your child will LOVE going to the dentist, which is ultimately what you want. Try this place so your kids love the dentist. It is not about the toys and decoration of a place, it is about the people who work there. Here they will also get their end of visit treat.

Maria A. 5_star_baystone.png


"I haven't met a dentist as good as Dr ahmad is very attentive and caring he is always ther to answer to all your concerns i highly recommend him"

Asia S. 5_star_baystone.png


"Another great visit to have my teeth clean. It's fun going to this dentist."

Kristian H. 5_star_baystone.png


"Very happy but a little pricey for just a cleaning. In Miami, I pay $85."

Christine P. 5_star_baystone.png


"I feel so comfortable when I accept their tooth treatment. Doctor works very carefully and professionally, and all the other staff are very diligent and considerate. Thanks a lot."

Libo Z. 5_star_baystone.png


“No one likes to go to a dentist.  but, this group makes the experience as painless and friendly as possible.  dr. ahmed is warm and confident and has a sure hand and manner.  all in all, as dental experiences go, this one was not bad."

Joyce G. 5_star_baystone.png


"I had a good experience with New Smile Dental! Zero waiting time! Convenient appointment method! "

Anonymous 5_star_baystone.png


"I was taken on time and treated in a very professional manner. It was just a cleaning, but Dr. Ahmed and I had a discussion about my dental situation. It's nice to know everyone in the office cares."

Anonymous 5_star_baystone.png


"This was a great visit and I was impressed by the attention to detail through out the whole cleaning and exam processes."

Anonymous 4_star_baystone.png


"Dr. Ahmad is one of the best professionals that we ever met. He is always caring and pays attention to our needs delivering good care and treatment when it is needed. I highly recommend his services to anybody who is looking for a good and honest dentist."

Tereza A. 5_star_baystone.png


"Everyone helpful, nice , prompt, caring  CLEAN  Great new experience "

Anonymous 5_star_baystone.png


"Great experience, Friendly staff, would recommend over and over and had been with prior dentist for decades"

Anonymous 5_star_baystone.png


"New dentist recommended by health insurance and was a SCORE  For us "

Anonymous 5_star_baystone.png


"Was nervous having to change dentists AGAIN but did so for insurance reasons. Couldn't have been a better transition  

Kind, helpful and  professional staff. Even my kids mentioned how they liked, The staff when we left !  I even recommended someone teasfee there! "

Anonymous 5_star_baystone.png


"I called Dr A's o??ce because I had a toothache and it just kept getting worse as the day went on. He took me in within a couple of hours, diagnosed th issue, and we put an action plan together based on a few options. Very accommodating and courteous staff. A+ Service!"

Robert P. 5_star_baystone.png


"The service in New Smile Dental is perfect, such as a pointment with Liz, Dr.Ahmad's treatment, and reminds online. All are nice. Thanks"

libo z. 5_star_baystone.png


"Good Dentist & visit everytime"

Anonymous 5_star_baystone.png


"Office was clean. Staff is exceptional. Dentist was warm and engaging. I have to have a filling done so I guess I will review again soon. Doctor was punctual; which I appreciate."

Anonymous 5_star_baystone.png


"Like many of you guys m not really fond of the Dentist's chair. I've been using New Smile for a few years now and it's as good as it can be. Dr. Ahmad is kind, patient and explains as he goes. I really couldn't ask for more."

Maria S. 5_star_baystone.png


"After chipping a crown Dr. Ahmad explained to me about the underlayment of the crown, and that the problem was only cosmetic and the tooth would not be damaged.  He showed pictures and explained it fully.  He and his staff are excellent."

Edward W. 5_star_baystone.png


"All in all I was very satisfied with the service I received at New Smile Dental.  I thought that everyone was very courteous and thorough in their examination of my oral health.  As a result, I would highly recommend your service to a friend or relative."

David B. 5_star_baystone.png


"Very pleasant experience! Staff is friendly and e??cent. Teeth feel squeaky clean. Dr. is very gentle and makes u feel comfortable."

Christine P. 5_star_baystone.png


"I just had my second set of twins to New Smile Dental.  They have all said what a friendly experience they had. They were made to feel comfortable and the hygienists and the dentist take the time to fully explain what they are doing.  

I would and have recommended this practice to others.  

Thanks for making a trip to the dentist a pleasant experience:)"

Sean C. 5_star_baystone.png


"New Smile was very accommodating to take care of us with a very busy schedule! Fantastic care for the whole family!"

Maria-Teresa J. 5_star_baystone.png


"Doctor and his staff are very helpful and they smile all the time. Doctor explains everything before starting the operation. They are always on time "

Ozlem O. 5_star_baystone.png


"Very friendly ,professional staff...everything I needed was explained to me ...clean, bright working environment"

Anthony B. 5_star_baystone.png


"Excellent experience...nice staff and a great Doctor!"

Anonymous 5_star_baystone.png


"Staff is friendly, courteous and helpful, never a long wait and great dental care."

David L. 5_star_baystone.png


"It was my first visit, but I already feel comfortable and like it there. They are a very friendly bunch. "

Anonymous 4_star_baystone.png


"Called on Thursday and the Dr took me in on Friday morning with an emergency.  Excellent!!"

Robert P. 5_star_baystone.png


"Excellent dentist with a great staff. "

Kristian H. 5_star_baystone.png


"Very happy with Dr.Ahmad.and all his  staff.  Recommend to anyone  with dental problems”

Elizabeth K. 5_star_baystone.png


"Best dentist iv'e ever been too. "

Mark F. 5_star_baystone.png


"Dr. Ashfaq Ahmad was patient and went the extra mile to answer all questions and cover every detail of his recommended course of treatment.  Always a pleasure to sit in "the chair"! 

Highly recommended!"

Anonymous 5_star_baystone.png



Melissa S. 5_star_baystone.png


"Very thorough work by Dr. Ahmad.  The office is comfortable and clean.  A friendly staff.  Highly recommended."

Edward W. 5_star_baystone.png


"The best”

N H. 5_star_baystone.png


"The staff at Smile was very effeicient, polite and kind. Dr.Ahmad provided excellent service with care, precision and friendly professionalism. Convenient location, comfortable, clean offices and state-of-the-art equipment and technology.  Don't hesitate to check them out!"

Gail H. 5_star_baystone.png


"I recently changed dentists to Dr, Ahmed because my old dentist didn't care about me. Dr. Ahmed answers all my questions and remembers all my dental issues. I'm very happy with the level of care I'm receiving, The support staff in the office is very friendly and professional. I'm glad I changed and will stay with Dr. Ahmed."

Anonymous 5_star_baystone.png


"I was delighted, felt relaxed and welcomed by the friendly and professional staff. I was given a quality cleaning of my teeth and informative advice for future personal dental care. 

...I would highly recommend this business to friends, family or anyone looking for professional family dental care!"

Matthew M. 5_star_baystone.png


"The staff is kind and helpful. Dr. Ahmad gives good attention to detail. If you are looking for a dentist, check them out. "

Chuck B. 5_star_baystone.png



Nurul H. 5_star_baystone.png


"Great, speedy and efficient service! "

Rayhana M. 5_star_baystone.png


"Always a positive experience ( and I'm not a dental fan). The staff is always welcoming and friendly and Dr. Ahmad is gracious in every way. Makes going to the dentist ALMOST enjoyable."

Barbara M. 5_star_baystone.png


"I was taken right away and was having x-rays within 5 minutes - the staff and Doctor are extremely caring and social, while maintaining a high level of professionalism."

Mark M. 5_star_baystone.png


"Wonderful staff, wonderful dentist. You can't ask for more. Like many, I'm not fond of going to the dentist. I must say New Smile makes it painless, they're kind, explain as they go and are always willing to give you break. It really doesn't get better! Thanks guys!"

Maria S. 5_star_baystone.png


"When choosing a new dentist, one doesn't want ??ashy or gimmicky. One wants to feel respected, welcomed, and put at ease. For many, dentists are terrifying. Fortunately, not for me. 

The staff at New Smile did exactly that. I was welcomed, processed as a new patient, and promptly seen by Dr. Ahmad. He asked about my dental history, his assistant took x-rays and within an hour, I had a cleaning and an ongoing treatment plan. Done and done. Just the way it should be."

Michael S. 5_star_baystone.png


"Professional, on time, knowledgable, and uses modern equipment and techniques.  I've been going to New Smile Dental for 18 months, for my entire family. My children also feel that it is much better treatment than our previous dentist.  Highly recommend New Smile Dental! 

Anonymous 5_star_baystone.png


"Such a great job"

Mohiuddin K. 5_star_baystone.png


"You can get a good reception and perfect treatment."

Fushi W. 5_star_baystone.png


"It was very nice I felt very relaxed when the dentist was working on my teeth. I also liked whatchung tv while I was there it was kind of them to let me whatch tv. Thanks dentist office!"

Lindsay J. 5_star_baystone.png


"I went in for the appointment and I came out within 1 hour, with all of the information that I needed. This was my first time at New Smile and it was one of the greatest dentists appointments and experiences! "

Anonymous 5_star_baystone.png


"The whole team here is refreshing. I go out of my way to go to this dentist office. They are accommodating, patient, informative, thorough and personable! "

Nicole B. 5_star_baystone.png


"Went for routine cleaning at their office on route 7 and found the office staff very warm and professional. The Dental hygienist was excellent with explaning every step that she was going to do and was very professional. The Doctor was very professional and spent a lot of time explaining the different options that are available."

Anonymous 5_star_baystone.png


"The staff at New Smile Dental was so nice and empathetic both on the phone and when I got to their office. 

They were able to see me for an appointment the same day I called!"

Anonymous 5_star_baystone.png


"Dr. Ahmad is very thorough and patient. He listened and addressed all of my questions and concerns in simple and easy to understand terms. He is truly dedicated to his profession and my entire family and I now patients of Dr. Ahmad. "

Robert P. 5_star_baystone.png


"The best "

Niall T. 5_star_baystone.png


"I was in tremendous pain and the staff got me in immediately and took excellent care of my tooth ache. I would highly recommend them. "

Anonymous 5_star_baystone.png


"I was well informed of my treatment and my opinions were explained to me, so that I make an informed choice as to how to proceed with my next visit. I'm very lucky to be a patient at New Smile Dental. "

Angela T. 5_star_baystone.png


"Through multiple visits I have been amazed at how intelligent and skilled New Dental dentist and staff are! Extremely patient aware and attentive. Friendly professional staff! State of the art, highly sanitary and comfortable facility. I feel extremely lucky to have found New Dental Smile. Dr. Ashfaq Ahmad has incredible skill, miracle hands! He is a sculptor of fillings that they feel perfectly smooth and fit like they have always been there! I could go on and on. Be confident that you will find nothing but the best here.”

Phyllis ann C. 5_star_baystone.png


"I went in for a cleaning; my first visit. The staff is very friendly and the facilities are neat and clean. The convenient location is great! Dr. Ahmad is friendly and efficient. I was in and out in under an hour. "

Lucia S. 5_star_baystone.png


"I made a visit to this office Summer 2016. It was a great experience. The receptionist was very knowledgeable about dental insurance plans. The dental cleaning was done very well and with no pain. The plan of action outline for me was clear and appropriate. I am looking forward to my next visit. "

Giselle B. 4_star_baystone.png


"We are very pleased with the dentist and his staff.  They take good care of my 6-year old grandson. He lives going there to get his teeth cleaned. Highly recommended. "

Kristian H. 5_star_baystone.png


"Appointment was right on time. Dr. Ahmad explained plan for treatment very clearly. Ladies in office very friendly and helpful. Couldn't ask for a better experience."

Barbara M. 5_star_baystone.png


"Best dentist i've ever been too. Great o??ce staff also. I have spread the word about them to many friends. "

Mark F. 5_star_baystone.png


"Absolutely fabulous group of people. Wonderful, knowledgeable and caring."

Guy L. 5_star_baystone.png


"Dr. Ahmad and his staff are excellent! The work they do is outstanding and everyone is caring, professional and punctual. "

John D. 5_star_baystone.png


"Dr. Ahmed answered all my questions about an ongoing dental implant issue . All costs were reviewed and explained. I feel I can now continue because I'm comfortable I'm making an informed decision."

Anonymous 5_star_baystone.png


"Very professional care instilling utmost confidence."

Brian K. 5_star_baystone.png


"Wonderful dentist...i would recommend to anyone in the area.."

Christopher K. 5_star_baystone.png


"I am Very pleased. The staff is very friendly and polite and the doctor is excellent. I felt no pain during my procedure."

Gilbert V. 5_star_baystone.png


"Never have I been more pleased with a dentist and their faculty till now. Felt right at home from the welcoming greetings and questions about what was going on. Definitely am dropping my old dentist and coming here regularly whenever I need to. "

Anonymous 5_star_baystone.png


"A a rule I have never been a huge fan of going to the dentist. That was until I started going here. The staff are so friendly and quick that my dread for the dentist chair has disappeared!"

Nathan C. 5_star_baystone.png


"I have been coming to Dr. Ashfaq' office for about 1 year now. The staff, and Dr.Ashfaq are very professional, friendly and will make you feel at ease. I called to make an appointment and was scheduled for that same day. At the first visit, Dr.Ashfaq examined my teeth/mouth and made a treatment plan. My gums were in very bad shape and I had a broken tooth. My gums now are so much better, a lot less swollen and hardly any bleeding. i had a nice cleaning it was a painless procedure. I'm satisfied with the dental work I have received so far and I'm positive you will be to.

Ziaullah K. 5_star_baystone.png


"Like many people I know, I'm not fond of going to the dentist. New Smile is really as good as it can be. The staff is friendly. The doctor is gentle and explains as he goes. I think it's as good as it gets."

Maria S. 5_star_baystone.png


"It was my first time there and they made me feel quite comfortable. I had not gone to the dentist in 2 years and no shaming on that despite the fact my teeth need a lot of help.   

The staff was caring and professional and made me feel very comfortable."

Suzanne D. 5_star_baystone.png


"I visited New Smile Dental for my daughter and my own treatment and the experience was very pleasant. The staff was courteous, professional and very knowledgeable. They answered all our questions and treated all conditions with care and gave us their full attention. Dr. Ashfaq was very kind and courteous and very professional. I would highly recommend this practice to others. "

Babur R. 5_star_baystone.png


"Excellent care as usual at the dentist yesterday... Great place highly recommend"

Christopher K. 5_star_baystone.png


"Great dentist who cares about you individually!! If you love your teeth you'll go there!! "

Anonymous 5_star_baystone.png


"The staff at new smile dental was very friendly and accommodating.  Dr. Ahmed was informative and very thorough in his explanations and recommendations for treatment for both myself and my son. The office is clean and comfortable. I highly recommend this business as I have been very disappointed by other dentists in the past. "

Keri J. 5_star_baystone.png


"Good service"

Shanzay Q. 5_star_baystone.png


"My bridge came out while eating lunch.  I called for an appointment and was told to come right in.  It was back in place in less than an hour. I highly recommend New Smile Dental."

Edward W. 5_star_baystone.png


"Really like it nice and knowledgeable "

Afzal R. 5_star_baystone.png


"Dr. Ahmad is a great dentist. He patiently answered all of my questions, he is meticulous in his treatment, and I have complete trust in his opinion.  In addition, whenever my husband has had dental work in the past he has problems after, but did not when Dr. Ahmad treated him. The staff at this practice was also great. 

I would absolutely recommend this practice!"

Lisa B. 5_star_baystone.png


"Very Friendly Doctor who explains details"

Jayesh K. 4_star_baystone.png


"I felt so comfortable going into the office and I felt very welcome. They were very respectful and polite. Great service! They were very professional and the staff is amazing. The dental service was excellent and I was very pleased. There was no wait time, I was taken in right away. I was very satisfied with my visit and the work that was done. "

Anonymous 5_star_baystone.png


"Dr . Ahmed  is great with kids and always a easy and comfortable vist for adults as well"

Yaseen K. 5_star_baystone.png


"Finished a root canal job with a perfectly fitted cap!  Painless & totally rewarding experience!  Looking forward to moving forward with other dental work!"

Anonymous  5_star_baystone.png


"It was thorough and professional, but maintained an air of genuine care throughout the process."

Mark M. 5_star_baystone.png


"Thanks again, everyone over there at New Smile Dental!  I have always received excellent service and attention with every appointment!  We'll see you in a few weeks to finish up! 

Thank you, 

Kyle Gallagher"

Kyle G. 5_star_baystone.png


"I recently had a filling that came out, and not being from the area I did a search of dentist near me. These folks took me right away and treated me like I was a patient with them for years. Now that I've found this dentist I'm willing to drive the 11 miles!! Highly recommended. You won't be disappointed."

James L. 5_star_baystone.png


"I recently had some dental work done here and it was the best dental experience I've ever had. And I've had a few traumatic ones in the past. I'm no longer a coward when it comes to dental work. I only wish I'd had my oral surgery done here. Had I known they did multiple extractions I would have. Although, that was a pleasant experience also. My dentures will be made here and I'm confident I'll be pleased with the results then also. "

Vanessa M. 5_star_baystone.png


"Starting with the always pleasant and sweet Liz (our dental assist) our visits to Dr. Ahmad have been consistently fabulous!  

We find him to be very personable, very,very skilled and intelligent! I truly believe his hands are gifted! The work is always done with no pain and absolute precision. (How many times have you had fillings done or redone and they were jagged or did not fit properly into your bite?? This NEVER happens with Dr. Ahmad. He is a sculptor! 

We feel con??dent seeing any of Dr. Ahmad's referral physicians whenever needed.  

I could rave for a while but I think you can see how blessed we feel to have found him (them!)”

Phyllis C. 5_star_baystone.png


"I am very happy with Dr. Ahmad . He is a very good Dentist , honest and a great professional."

Ronaldo A. 5_star_baystone.png


"Very nice not to expensive and very friendly "

Ghulam T. 5_star_baystone.png


"Great Office!! Great People! 

Who walk you through all options and procedures .  Highly  recommended  for your dental needs!!"

Anonymous 5_star_baystone.png


"I almost feel like a schill for Dr. Amad because I have nothing at all disparaging to say about him  and the staff. How can I, when everything always goes SO well? He is thorough, a perfectionist in his work and a great person. As is the staff. "

Anonymous 5_star_baystone.png


"Best dentist i've ever been too. "

Mark F. 5_star_baystone.png


"Everything was great..look forward to my whole family  coming there"

Christopher K. 5_star_baystone.png


"Upon arrival, I was immediately greeted by a warm smile and was given some papers to fill out. Although I was just there for a cleaning, I had a very thorough check up which included x-rays. The dental assistant was very nice and easy to talk to. She made sure I was comfortable during the whole experience. Then the Dr came in and I was given his full attention. The dentist himself actually did my whole cleaning. They found a small cavity and within ten minutes, had it filled. There was no pain or discomfort in any way. No one likes going to the dentist but, this is as good as it gets. The staff was pleasant, the Dr was fantastic and the wait time was minimal. I highly recommend this practice to any one.”

Judson K. 5_star_baystone.png


"No wait at all for recent visit.  Office is clean, staff is friendly and doctor is excellent.  Highly recommended."

Edward W. 5_star_baystone.png


"I went to Dr. Ahmed for the 1st time after a tooth had broken off at the gumline. He gave me several options to choose from and was very forthcoming about the reliability and the cost of each option. I was not pressured to choose. I appreciate being treated with respect and all my questions were answered. I will definitely continue to use New Smile Dental as my regular  dentist."

Anonymous 5_star_baystone.png


"Just had another appointment at New Smile.  If more dentists were like Dr. Ahmad, people would not be fearful about going to the dentist.  Karen and Liz are just as exceptional.  Grateful that I found New Smile Dental. "

Randy T. 5_star_baystone.png


"Very nice place and staff, Helpful and welcoming very professional."

Meir E. 5_star_baystone.png


"New Smile Dental is the best. They have a superior staff that is friendly and knowledgable. Not to mention that they genuinely care about your comfort and well being not the profit. "

Anonymous 5_star_baystone.png


"Complex three root molar root canal procedure, often dreaded by people as much as a colonoscopy, was painless and a no-brainer for the highly competent & professional Dr. Ahmad! 

I was very comfortable during the procedure and there was zero pain after the novocaine wore off. 

Doesn't get any easier than this!"

Anonymous 5_star_baystone.png


"I have been going to Dr. Ahmad for the past 6 months.  Having 50 years of experience with various dentists, I am pleasantly surprised that at age 60 I have found the best dentist I have ever been to.  Not only is Dr. Ahmad caring, attentive, informative, nice and considerate, but I would also say the same for his staff.  I actually have a fun time going to his o??ce.  I know to many this may seem unimaginable, so I would say just try him once - you won't believe it."

Brian R. 5_star_baystone.png


"My family including our 5 and 8 year old girls are Dr. Amad's patients for past 3 years and we had nothing, but wonderful experience on every dental visit. He is very gentle and that's why my kids love him. I would highly recommend this office for some one looking for a quality family dentist."

Jessica J. 5_star_baystone.png


"Dentist & Staff were very good at there job. Was a pleasure to go there for the ??rst time. I will be back again."

Anonymous 5_star_baystone.png


"Impressed with Dr Ahmad's thoroughness, thoughtfulness, up to date on latest procedures, caring. Staff is terri??c as well. 

Only thing is that you need to build in wait time.  

Overall though highly pleased and strongly recommend."

Anonymous 5_star_baystone.png


"Like most people, I'm not fond of the dentist in general. I will say my experience with New Smile is as good as it can get. The doctor, hygienists and staff are wonderful. They do their best to explain and are very kind and patient. I'll de??nitely keep them on my A-List!"

Maria S. 5_star_baystone.png


"Very friendly doctor and staff.  Took me in right on time with no wait to ??x a cracked tooth.  Convenient online booking.  Making the switch to New Smile as my primary dentist. "

Adam R. 5_star_baystone.png


"The Dr takes pride in his work. He answers all questions and spends all the time necessary with his patients. "

Bob P. 5_star_baystone.png


"Nice and quite office excellent dr "

Afzal R. 5_star_baystone.png


"We just love having a caring dentist as we have at new smile! We highly recommend new smile to everyone! "

Tereza A. 5_star_baystone.png


"Very friendly and professional "

Ghulam T. 5_star_baystone.png


"Dr. Ashfaq and his staff were very professional, honest, and knowledgeable. They treated us with the utmost care and courtesy. We will definitely be visiting him the next time. Thanks very much.  "

Anonymous 5_star_baystone.png



NURUL H. 5_star_baystone.png


"Incredible.  I am in my late 50's and this was one of the best dental appointments I have had.  The office is run very professionally and serenely.  Dr. Ahmad is very attentive, informative, and calming.  I actually fell asleep briefly while he was working on a couple cavities for me."

R. T. 5_star_baystone.png


"Although rather sparse in interior decorations, the staff and doctor were pleasant and unassuming. After examination the doctor provided me with two options and treated my infection with antibiotics.  "

Anonymous 5_star_baystone.png


"Professional, clean, wonderful experience! My new dentist!"

Melissa S. 5_star_baystone.png


"My visit on Sept. 1 went very well.    The New Smile Team is very attentive and answers any questions one may have about the procedures that will be done. The office is very clean. I would certainly recommend them."

Anonymous 5_star_baystone.png


"Very nice and very friendly and really good dental services ".

Anonymous 5_star_baystone.png


"I was very happy with my initial visit to New Smile Dental LLC.  I was able to set up a game plan for my teeth and the work I need to get done.  New Smile Dental was very accommodating with my needs. I truly look forward to working with them for my dental needs! 

Thank you!  "

Anonymous 5_star_baystone.png


"Best dentist i have ever been to. Nurse was great and the doctor was very friendly and pain free visit. Would highly recommend him to everyone. New smile was a very positive experience. Thanks "

Anonymous 5_star_baystone.png


"Very professional; modern facility; great care."

Anonymous 5_star_baystone.png


"Painless visit, happy 1st dental visa "

Anonymous 5_star_baystone.png


"This was my first visit to New Smile and I was very comfortable and impressed with Dr. Ahmad.  The office was convenient to reach, clean, and everything was smoothly handled by Liz, who helped make the experience a pleasant one.  Everything was explained to me in detail, the work was done smoothly and I will be going back.  I highly recommend New Smile Dental."

Anonymous 5_star_baystone.png


"I called New smile Dental due to extreme pain and they scheduled me to see the Dentist in couple of hours. The staff was absoloutly great and DR. Ahmad was the best Dentist that I have ever met after the xray and exam he pulled the tooth with Zero pain and pulled it out in one minute. The charges were very affordable. 

Thank you very much DR. Ahmad and Staff"

Anonymous 5_star_baystone.png


"Best experience very professional courteous overall excellent "

Anonymous 5_star_baystone.png


"My experience was great! Everyone was very nice and professional. "

Anonymous 5_star_baystone.png


"Very cordial. Carring. Very helpfull"

Anonymous 5_star_baystone.png


"The staff at New Smile are extremely friendly and knowledgable, and the practice uses the most up to date technology available.  It was very easy to make and appointment and my follow up emails were very helpful reminding me of my upcoming appointment and services. I definitely give New Smile 5 stars!"

Anonymous 5_star_baystone.png


"Dr. Ahmad and his staff were very friendly and were able to accommodate me for an appointment quickly. They were very patient with me too, especially when I was running late to the appointment! "

Anonymous 5_star_baystone.png


"I am writing this review for my 5 year old. As he says "Dr. Ahmed is the best." After we left he asked when can he go back to see him again. Absolutely my favorite dentist. Very Friendly knowledgeable. He has amazing dental assistants that he works with. "

Anonymous 5_star_baystone.png


"I have been to Dr. Ahmad twice, and both times were great experiences, if there is such a thing for a dentist appointment:).  The staff was VERY accommodating and pleasant and always checking to make sure I was comfortable.  

The doctor is very thorough, capable and able to site options for treatment quite easily and clearly.  He uses the most advanced equipment, and it is obvious.  Plus, they are take extra care to be sure everything is sanitized.  I think they changed their gloves 10 or so times, each, on both my visits. Every time they touch anything other than you, the gloves were changed. This will keep me going back, for sure.  

Parking is easy and hours are extremely convenient, especially for those with full time jobs (they stay open until 8 pm, most nights, if not all).

Give them a try; I am quite sure you won't be disappointed. I was really glad I did and I plan to use this dentist going forward.”

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"I am satisfied with the work that has been done. I still have some adjustments to be made.  New Smile Team is very easy to work with.  I would recommend them."

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"The Dr. & Staff were very Kind, Thoughtful, Helpful  & Understanding. I felt very Comfortable & Assured. "

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"Was a awesome Visit "

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"Was a pleasure working with this dentist he is excellent "

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"Was such a awesome visit "

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"When you think of the dentist you think of fear. Not for me anymore! I've been a patient with Dr.Ahmad before he opened his own new practice up! Dr.Ahmad we'll show you comfort and care when your under his care. I've experienced other dentist with fear from them rushing or splashing cold water onto my sensitive teeth. Not with Dr.Ahmad, he will ask you all the time if you feel any discomfort and always makes sure your comfortable and have no pain during his visit's. I can't explain how much I hated the dentist, until I started going here! I've received nothing but satisfactory care and professional help from Dr.Ahmad! Give them a chance, and they will make a difference for you! Thanks again new smile team!”

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"Since the first time we used the services of New Smile we knew we finally found somebody who cares!  Excellent

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